Hiking in the Lake District


I woke up early that first morning in the Lake District, cuddled in my orange and black Sierra Designs sleeping bag, less than ten feet from a slow-moving creek, and directly under a broadleaf maple. A man-made shelter wasn't necessary as the forecast had predicted a 0% chance of rain. Such a weather pattern is unlikely in a place like the Lake District, which is situated in the northwest corner … [Read more...]

Loneliness in the Lake District


With a black can of Strongbow hard cider in my right hand, and my left firmly planted behind me to, I stared into the dark void encompassing me. Here I was in the middle of the woods, by myself, on a Saturday night. All day I had hiked - around Lake Derwent, and up to the high summit point of Catbells. But I was now back - in the same spot I spent the previous night, with my sleeping bag laid out … [Read more...]

All the Sights of Lewis Island

No rain - but still clouds!

To visit the Isle of Lewis - the largest "island" in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland - you must take a ferry. That is, to say, there is no convenient way to reach the Isle of Lewis. A three hour ferry ride from Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands will get you there, or a 1.5 hour ferry ride to Tarbert and a 1 hour bus ride up to Stornoway, the largest city in the Outer Hebrides (with an astounding … [Read more...]

Harris Island: Reaching Out to Strangers

Ah, the beach. And such pleasant weather..

While at home, immersed in the daily routines of life, I don't often venture outside of my social comfort zone. ┬áThis is because of my introverted personality. I prefer to focus my limited social energy on my closest relationships, rather than branch out and invest my energy in forming new connections with total strangers. But while on the road, my mindset shifts. I crave comrarderie and … [Read more...]

Traveling Miracles


This post is a continuation of my previous post on Walking Across the Isle of Skye -- So, I'm now on the ferry from Uig to Tarbert, the biggest village on Harris Island with a whopping 400 people, and I have NO clue where I will stay and how I will get there. For the entire 1.5 hour ferry ride from Uig to Tarbet I contemplated the meaning of Adventure Travel, and figured this escapade … [Read more...]